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 The links below all deal with decisions the City will be making in the next few months, that will significantly affect quality of life in our neighborhoods

Be a real detective!!

Did you ever wonder if someone had a financial reason for supporting or not supporting a public policy? When people on social media comment on a post, is it possible that their opinion might not be motivated by doing what's fair or right? In rezoning, people's opinions can depend on whether or not they will make money from the zoning change. 

Now you can investigate!!  

• To see who belongs to an LLC or other corporation, go to


• To see who owns a property or to find out which properties a person or LLC owns, go to




Remember, SHB2343 passed this session and could go into effect after July. The bill:

• Adds four-plexes, six-plexes and "stacked flats" to building types allowed in low-density neighborhoods

• Eliminates minimum parking requirements, and aesthetics as a concern.

• Eliminates zoning based on uses (residential, commercial, etc) and replaces it with form-based codes. Form-based zoning looks at the physical form of a building to judge whether it is appropriate on not. But even proposing buildings as large as those shown below, in single-family neighborhoods, can't possible follow the "form" of residential houses.


SixplexStacked Flats

• Allows ADUs to be 1000 sf, 24 ft high, have no parking, have no owner on site, and be sold separately from the house on the property.

The City doesn't have to do all of these things. Public input can modify what the City chooses.

Unfortunately, this means we must be vigilant through the summer as the City attempts to put these new laws into effect. Public input is allowed, but once the City passes something,
it can't be appealed

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